The Indian Agarbatti industry is constantly innovating to provide new fragrances and products. The innovation is basically in the ratio of aromatic oils, perfumes, etc that are used.

Agarbatti companies recently introduced fragrances such as apple and pineapple, neem-based mosquito repellants and no-smoke ones for asthmatic patients that also act as air purifiers. Air fresheners, car fresheners, and aromatherapy oils are also available. Home fragrances such as French Lavender, Coral Blue, and Apple Cinnamon are available.

As an eco-friendly initiative marigold and red hibiscus flowers, offered at temples, are being dried, crushed and mixed with agarbatti masala. Floral waste is getting converted to perfume. Attempts are being made for temples to go green and bring innovation into the incense stick segment.

Some of the grades of incense are natural. Then we have highly specialised incense with an increased quantity of oil and less base ingredients. Lastly, the most refined incense is made using rare essential oils with fewer bases and is most concentrated. Fine ingredients are added.

Types of incense are rose, saffron, sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, lotus, basil, lemon, rosemary, etc. A few of the fragrances are unique containing natural essential oils and fragrance. Musk is also used. They are eco-friendly.

In conclusion, we can expect many more innovations and get to see more of a wider range and variety of fragrances in times to come.

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