Wide range and variety of Fragrances

The Indian Agarbatti industry is constantly innovating to provide new fragrances and products. The innovation is basically in the ratio of aromatic oils, perfumes, etc that are used. Agarbatti companies recently introduced fragrances such as apple and pineapple, neem-based mosquito repellants and no-smoke ones for asthmatic patients that also act as air purifiers. Air fresheners,... continue reading

From then till now – Life around incense

From smouldering the aromatic woods in the primeval ages to the perfumed agarbattis now; with the evolution of mankind as we gained civilization Incense sticks have always revolved around our lives spreading its soothing fragrance bettering our lives. There are several literatures citing the origin of the incense sticks and it's phenomenal uses implying the... continue reading

Quality No Compromise

Quality of a product is of utmost importance. It is not different with Agarbattis. Agarbattis come in a wide range of fragrances to cater to the needs and choices of customers. Because of the number of fragrances and blending of fragrances involved in making different types of Agarbattis, it is very important to keep a... continue reading