About us

Mayrahkee is a neonatal from the house of a renowned Indian Incense industry, the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop spreading aroma since 1934. Mysore Sugandhi stands out to be a prime manufacturer and exporter of Agarbattis and Dhoops. Mayrakhee is a new channel for our aromatic delights to pleasurize your soul with the fragrance of our flabbergasting piece of work.

Mayrakhee is an inspiration from the Greek word Meraki (May-rah-kee) meaning purity and to do something with soul which precisely reflects what we are. We are a company who radiate happiness and positivity through the fragrance of our products.

We at Mayrakhee celebrate fragrance by gratifying the customers with profusion of our enduring Agarbattis and Dhoops (Indian Incense). The incense sticks are still traditionally hand-rolled, a play of skilled fingers. Our products are blend of aesthetic fragrance, love, zeal and purity establishing a feel of divinity. We strive at producing quality products with our own perfumes which makes us distinctive.

Our products come in different packaging with a variety of fragrances like herbal, floral and many more. Every product of ours is made with an axiom to maintain quality and satisfy our beloved customers.

We understand our responsibility to support the nation and as a sign of our patriotism we contribute to the Indian Army Welfare fund through this venture. We are happy to say, we don’t just spread fragrance but also a fervent faith in nation by glorifying the country’s national heroes with every product our customers buy. Mayrakhee – as the name implies, does this with absolute devotion which wouldn’t be possible without our benevolent customers.

Light our incense sticks to annihilate adversity and scent the air with positivity.