From smouldering the aromatic woods in the primeval ages to the perfumed agarbattis now; with the evolution of mankind as we gained civilization Incense sticks have always revolved around our lives spreading its soothing fragrance bettering our lives. There are several literatures citing the origin of the incense sticks and it’s phenomenal uses implying the existence of a deep rooted relationship between the incense sticks and the ancient times of our country. The internationally acknowledged oldest sources like the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda proudly called “the house of knowledge” mentions about the auspiciousness and benefits of lighting Agarbatti. The incense industries have helped us by carrying this rich heritage of our ancestors.

Incense sticks are blend of aesthetic fragrance, love, zeal and purity establishing a feel of divinity. Incense sticks create a positive aura with its exquisite aroma. The fragrance of the incense sticks help to relax and revitalize ones senses, improve concentration, heal physical and psychological disorders, fight depression and purify the surrounding air. The aromatizing fragrance from the Agarbatti wafting in homes and sacred temples lingering for hours brings a feel of happiness, sacredness, calmness and nostalgia.

Ayurveda prescribes the use of Agarbatti for aromatherapy to cure depression, sleeplessness, headache, constipation, skin diseases, asthma and a lot more. A good incense stick is made from natural ingredients like sandalwood, camphor, amber, cinnamon and fragrant meadow flowers like rose, jasmine, Gardenia, hyacinth, lilac, etc. The essence of these ingredients in the right proportion are blended well and rolled onto bamboo sticks promotes a feeling of joy and euphoria around us when burned. It is believed that the heavenly aroma from these incense sticks pleases god and is often called the “nectar of gods”. The tradition of lighting incense sticks is followed by various religions with a belief of honoring and reaching to the God with its ravishing aroma. From then till now the fragranced sticks have played an important role and have travelled through ages spreading positivity and zeal aromatizing the place of its presence by eradicating the negativities around us.

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