Indian Army Welfare Fund

The Indian Army is a force of 11 lakh ranked men and women of the country.The sacrifices of the brave soldiers have laid the foundations on which the country proudly stands strong.Most importantly, the Indian Army act as a crucial barrier protecting our culture, heritage, and invaluable natural resources.

Just like the Indian Army, Mayrakhee’s history dates back to the pre-independence era to 1934. We are neonatal from the house of a renowned Indian Incense industry, the Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory LLP. Our incense sticks and dhoops are known across households for spreading enchanting aromas.

Mayrakhee is an inspiration from the Greek word Meraki (May-rah-kee) meaning purity and to do something with a soul which precisely reflects what we are. We are a company that radiates happiness and positivity through the fragrance of our products.

We truly believe in the philosophy of giving back to society. We, as a nation, breathe in liberty due to the enormous sacrifice and contribution of the Indian Army. Therefore, we at Mayrakhee take pride in contributing some percentage of our total profits from our assorted range of ARMY incense sticks to the Indian Army Welfare Fund. Every purchase made by you helps build a stronger, better, and more benevolent nation. We are happy to say, we don’t just spread fragrance but also a fervent faith in the nation by glorifying the country’s national heroes with every product our customers buy.

Light Mayrakhee incense to bring home positivity, and to bring home the nation’s pride.